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Manulife Dividend Income Fund

DATE: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

TIME: 2:00 PM

Robert Lewkowitz
Jonathan Popper
Portfolio Manager


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Join us for a live webinar with me as your host and Portfolio Manager Jonathan Popper of Manulife’s Essential Equity Team. His team has been producing best in class risk-adjusted returns for unitholders for over 24 years. They follow a disciplined process focusing on companies with high and stable profitability, visible return profiles, low financial leverage, trading at attractive valuations. The team manages more than $27 billion in assets for retail and institutional clients and are considered among the best North American equity managers in Canada.

Specifically, we’ll be focusing on the Manulife Dividend Income Fund which Jonathan manages with Alan Wicks. Our clients have a total of approximately $15 Million invested in this fund and have seen a total average gain of roughly 90% in their accounts. I have been saying that while I don’t have one favourite fund, if I did, this might be it! It’s not the highest return, but on a risk adjusted basis it is exceptional!

Below you will see while the category average (yellow dot) slightly underperformed the index (red square), but did add value in having less volatility (standard deviation), the Manulife Dividend Income Fund (blue dot) outperformed both AND did it with less volatility than both its peer group and the index.

Join us to discover how the team continues to produce industry leading results for investors across the country and discuss where they are finding opportunities today. This is not an investment recommendation, as many factors contribute to determining what may be appropriate. Please reach out for a personal consultation and this may form part of a portfolio based on your objectives.


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Join us to discover how the team continues to produce industry leading results for investors across the country.

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