The best way to understand what it’s like to work with us is to listen to those who’ve been with us for years. Here are just a few words from our clients about their experiences at Lewkowitz Financial.

The team at Lewkowitz Financial are exceptional. Every time I have met with members of the team, I have felt welcome and valued. They took the time to clearly explain financial concepts in language I can understand, highlighting my options, and supporting me in my decision-making process. I never worry about my money because I know my financial future is in excellent hands. I completely trust Robert Lewkowitz and cannot recommend Lewkowitz Financial highly enough.

Ken Meadows

Robert and his team are all very caring and welcoming, like a big family. I feel comfortable asking questions and knowing that they will be answered and fully explained. They are very respectful and trustworthy.

Magda Catani

The team works well together to produce info, answer questions, sort out product, send mail and keep the good ship Lollypop sailing. Thanks for all the thoughtful steps taken along the way.

Claire Anderson

Ever since my wife and I have met with Robert and the team we have had nothing but complete confidence in what they do... Robert just simply knows his stuff, not only does he keep his clientele up to date, he has our best interest in mind. It has come to the point where if Robert needs to move my money around or feels there is something better out there my wife and I COMPLETELY trust his judgement and knowledge. Recently my mortgage was do and Robert set up, organized a meeting and helped me save money through something he uses himself, I will and have recommended friends and family to Robert and his team with any financial needs or investments they have with 100% confidence. Moving all my portfolios, investments and mortgage to Robert and the team is the best thing that I’ve done to secure my future.... I encourage anyone to join the winning team.

Matthew & Cathy Medeiros

Robert and his staff are fantastic. They are warm, friendly and extremely efficient. They take the time to understand our wishes and then provide us with several options that ensure all our requirements are met. They are always readily available to answer any of our questions. We are extremely happy with the professional services and advice we receive from Robert, Yvette, Kim and Betty.

Collin & Liz Patterson

Robert and the Lewkowitz Financial team have been an invaluable resource for us. We are deeply grateful for the guidance we have received and for the outstanding customer service. With every interaction from start to finish, each person on the Financial team is personable, knowledgeable, professional and sincere. We always feel like valued people not just valued clients. The help we receive from Robert cannot be measured. Robert is exceptional at what he does. He listens well; and sensitively, with great insight, he creates a financial plan that is custom made for each person. Robert's ability to explain the investment world is remarkable. He is in the center of doing what he is passionate about and all of us who are led by him benefit greatly. We feel very much at ease and confident in the plans that are created for us with Robert's insight and knowledge. Thank you, Robert, Yvette, Betty & Kim for the truly unique and exceptional service you offer.

Jodie & Jeff Kennedy

Well it is a pleasure to work with Robert and the Lewkowitz Team. First the staff have adopted the wonderful welcoming manner as front line. We have always been welcome to ask questions. If we have concerns Robert spends quite a bit of time to advise and reassure. We feel that he and his staff have built a business relationship with both Paul and I and that if something happened to one of us they would endeavor to look after our needs.

Chris & Paul Kopal

My wife and I were introduced to Lewkowitz Financial by a friend about 25 years ago. Over these years, we have formed both close personal and business relationships with Robert and his staff - Yvette, Kim and Betty. We still remember our first visit where we were made to feel very comfortable by everyone. We considered ourselves to be new in the field of financial investment and, after meeting with Robert, we were confident we had made an excellent choice in finding our first financial investment adviser…We have never looked back. Robert handled our portfolio as if it were his own and always gave us a broad range of information to guide us in our choices. We are now both comfortably retired and we can thank Lewkowitz Financial for this.

Robert and his staff offer several free seminars each year, ranging from information on world markets, estate planning, emerging markets and so on. These are very beneficial to all clients as Robert and his staff are constantly looking to the future to plan the best strategies for their clients. We especially enjoy the annual client appreciation evening where we can come together in a social setting and get to know other clients of Lewkowitz Financial and share success stories. Thank you Robert, Yvette, Kim and Betty for leading us to our comfortable retirement. We could not have done it without you. We wish you many more years of success at Lewkowitz Financial.

JBMount Brydges, ON

We are fairly new to the investment world, Lewkowitz Financial was recommended to us by our advisor who was retiring and felt that Robert and his team would be a good fit for us. How right she was!
From the beginning the Lewkowitz team has made us feel very welcome, everyone is very kind and always helpful, no matter how big or small the question may be. They always make sure that we have all our questions answered quickly and that we understand the information. The staff treats us like family, we feel that they are always looking out for our best interests. We definitely look forward to our future plans with Lewkowitz by our side!

Deb & Ron Foster

Your financial assistance since I retired in 1992 is truly appreciated. My late wife Shirley and I were always treated with respect and dignity no matter what questions we had about our investments. I truly appreciated your visits and expressions of sympathy when Shirley passed away. Your staff cared about our family. Thank you! Our personal finances are important but just as important is you and your staff’s caring attitude towards your clients when they walk through your door.

Bill GottschalkStratford

I have been associated with Lewkowitz Financial for approximately 17 years and my husband before that. I found the atmosphere very welcoming and I have always felt very comfortable discussing financial matters with any staff. I have very limited knowledge in this field, but everything is explained and discussed in detail to make even me feel at home. They have a genuine interest in each person they are working with at the time and are very supportive in any good or bad life changes or problem you might be going through. I find them a very caring sincere staff, and would recommend Lewkowitz Financial to anyone and already have.

Gail ClarkeStratford

My father always told me growing up if you don’t understand something important in life, then be smart enough to hire someone who does understand it. Lewkowitz Financial understands what I don’t. Even better, they try with all their might to make me understand, and are always there if I fall. Robert always makes time to speak with me about where we are at and where we want to go… My account maybe small, but my experience visiting there is hugely gratifying. Robert has always done a great job of looking after my money. The Lewkowitz team, have been responsible for allowing me the choice of retirement at 60. For that, my thanks can never be enough. In a world of things that most times don’t work, Lewkowitz financial is one that has always worked for me. Keep up the great job.

Ken Lazenby

I have been a long distance client of Roberts for many years and have complete confidence in the investments I have with him. Although I am not able to attend the functions he hosts, I appreciate the fact of giving back to the community and clients...I also like the periodic emails that are sent out when there are market jitters.

Heidi Fraser

What stands out for us, with Lewkowitz Financial, is the dedication the team has for their clients. From the moment we arrive we feel important. Robert took the time to thoroughly discuss our finances and provide us with excellent advice. Robert and his staff are always available to answer any of our questions. We have confidence and trust that Robert understands our needs for the future.

Kim & Gord Plank(Retired)

From my perspective it’s all about trust. I truly believe that Robert and the team at Lewkowitz Financial are taking care of our money. They do the worrying, so that I don’t have to.

Peter Rooyakkers

Our experiences with Lewkowitz Financial has been excellent in many ways:

  • Knowing all of the staff are on board with guiding us towards our retirement and giving advice and knowledge to assist in building our accounts for the future is a reassuring feeling.
  • Communication on a regular basis to ensure we are included in Lewkowitz sponsored events and kept up to date with concerns that may arise within the global financial world including explanations and reasoning makes tough topics crystal clear. Birthday wishes and holiday greetings are heartfelt extras that we look forward to seeing, along with the funny jokes that are included once and awhile.
  • Personal conversation and learning from topics discussed with Robert gives perspective of why we invest with Lewkowitz and how our investment strategies make sense.
  • When my wife and I arrive at events we are recognized, greeted by name and hugged! A professional relationship that could be difficult to explain to someone who is not a client.

Matt & Kara M

It has been a pleasure dealing with Robert and his staff for over 20 yrs. They have been very efficient, friendly and informative with no pressure. I have been well informed on my investments.

D. Bugg

I appreciate the friendly, family atmosphere at this place. I don't feel intimidated. I don't have lots of financial knowledge and Robert takes time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand. He and his team are just great. I can phone anytime and know that I will receive cheerful and prompt answers. It's a great financial institution.

Joyce Jessup

Robert and his team at Lewkowitz Financial are very reliable. It is a real blessing to have no concerns or worries about anything connected with my account and to know that my affairs are being managed with true integrity, wisdom and valuable experience. If I have questions, I am always answered graciously and promptly and with clear explanations and efficiency. I highly recommend this firm.

Ruth Russell

We sold one of our properties in the fall of 2017 and were looking to invest the equity. Not knowing where to start, we were referred to Robert and his team…Robert patiently took the time to explain everything and even entertained our 2-year-old while doing it. The whole Lewkowitz team have been so kind and accommodating and made the process easy and comfortable. I recommend Lewkowitz Financial to anyone looking to invest.

Nate & Ashley Foster

Anytime I have or had a question or request, the response time is almost immediate. I also, really like our face-to-face casual conversation, as well as the discussion related to topics of our meeting. They are very sincere, educating and enjoyable. I always leave with a smile and feel like I have gained some knowledge as well on my future earnings, based on the advice Robert provides me. He has taken the time to ask what my hopes of our business relationship are and then provided advice and examples of different solutions or paths to get there.

Darren Strickland

Integrity runs deep in Robert’s investment management philosophy. You always know that he and his team are looking out for his client’s best interest.


From the amateur's point of view, investing is bit like travelling in a foreign country where the local language is birdsong - and you speak English. Previous forays into these wilds left me utterly confused as to what was happening with my investment(s). Attempts to enlightenment myself through the various financial concerns and the fact of who I was dealing with, were equally mystifying. Robert and his team have always brought clarity to the trip. Regular updates, with openness and a willingness to change the scenario along with a steady course down the financial path, has always been my experience with Lewkowitz Financial.

Scott Brunt

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for such a great business. What I like the most, oddly enough, is all of Robert’s staff, Yvette, Kim and Betty, including him…They are always so welcoming, making it a pleasure to visit their office. I just love them all. On the business side, we like how our funds are as safely invested as possible with our personal situation taken into account. Robert is very down to earth as well… We feel that HE feels it is more important to do a good job for us over any profit for his business.

Mary B. Wheatley

It has been a pleasure working with the Lewkowitz Financial Team since we became their clients in February, 1995. They are professional, personable and dedicated to the financial interests of their clients. They have educated us on the investment options available, and guided us in making the best decisions for ourselves. Robert works hard to be available for consultation, even on short notice.

Francis & Constance Tekpetey

From the moment we walked through their front door, we were immediately made to feel comfortable, and as if we had known them forever… While I am not a ‘numbers person,’ my husband is, and Robert took his time to ensure we both felt comfortable with his wisdom and guidance as we started planning for our retirement. From the moment you hear Yvette's cheery voice on the phone, or you meet Kim and Betty in the office, you feel like family - and family watches out for each other. That is the feeling we get with each meeting. As well, phone calls and emails are always speedily returned, something that is truly appreciated when everybody is so busy these days. In short, we heartily recommend Robert and his staff at Lewkowitz Financial unreservedly. Other companies would do well to follow in their footsteps when dealing with their clients.

Joseph L. Gall & Bernadette Sperandeo Gall

I have been with Lewkowitz Financial for many years and have been very happily satisfied with their service. They are always available when I need help or advice, very pleasant in doing so and certainly know the business. They always keep me apprised of what is going on with the markets. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to invest.

Patricia MacVicarMt. Forest, Ontario

Robert Lewkowitz has been our advisor for 14 years. He helped us achieve our goal and now, retired at 54, we are able to travel and see the world. This is a true testimonial to Robert and his team. His extremely high level of integrity, knowledge and sound advice has been invaluable. Lewkowitz Financial is truly a professional, customer-focused, proactive and caring team!

Laurie & Richard

We met Robert through a friend and we have entrusted Robert and his staff with our Financial Planning since 1996. This is Twenty Two years of satisfaction.

Glenna & Albert Dewaele

We feel we made the best decision to go with Rob Lewkowitz and his staff to fulfill our financial needs. At first we were nervous, wondering if we were making the right move or not but we can tell you that we were not disappointed. Rob is very informative and really cares about our trust. Yvette, Kim and Betty are amazing. Just a wonderful group of people. Our hat goes off to you all.

Bud & Carol

Robert and his staff have always been professional, polite, courteous and informative. From the financial aspect, we feel very confident with the handling of our money and happy with our returns.

Joe & Donna Nirta

Robert Lewkowitz has been my financial advisory for about eight years now and in that time has always made my wife and I feel right at home in his office every time we visit. I have very little investment knowledge but he spends the time to thoroughly go through all our investments to get us the best value from our money. Can't say enough about Robert and his staff. I would highly recommend him to anyone that asks about where and with whom they should invest their money.

Dave & Andrea Guay

You can tell a lot about a person’s commitment when you ski with them for a week and the temperature never gets above – 20c. Robert plays hard but he works harder.

Gary & Joanie

We have been with Lewkowitz Financial since it was just Robert and Kim. We got an invitation in the mail for an info session and it included the poem “High Flight” - one of my very favourites. We attended and have never even considered any other option.

Wendy Barbour

Robert and his team have been providing financial guidance to my wife and me for 25 years. The family style of assistance that Lewkowitz Financial provides is rare. We even get birthday wishes! There have been no issues in our long-distance relationship. Robert has helped us make many decisions along the way, whether it is, ‘best bang for your buck’ at tax time, or what type of investments we should have based on where we were in life. Now that I am retired, I look forward to working with Robert, Kim, Betty and Yvette as we gradually convert RRSPs to RIFs. I would recommend Lewkowitz Financial to anyone looking for well thought-out financial advice without the feeling of being pressured.

Steve & Kelly East

I have been a very satisfied client of Lewkowitz Financial for fifteen years. The long-term commitment of its team members to the organization reflects the commitment of its leader to his clients. The team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive to client needs. Robert Lewkowitz is smart; prepared to offer advice, but also respectful of the views of his client; able and willing to discuss and debate a myriad of subjects; and above all – a man of integrity.

Sandy C.

Lewkowitz financial is more than a safe and secure place to entrust your hard-earned money. You are welcomed with a lovely, picturesque garden and fountain which does not compare to the friendly and gracious face of Yvette…Everyone is treated as you were a most welcome and important guest.
The team is a reflection of Robert Lewkowitz who is a kind, generous and lovely man. He takes time with you and is interested and enquires about your family and life’s ups and downs. I am honoured to be connected with this team of people and know that I am well taken care of financially.

S. Abercromby

Working with you and your staff is like working with family. We’re warmly greeted, never feel rushed or pressured, it’s a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We’re happy with what you’ve done for us and trust you and your staff will continue do your best to protect our financial future.

Bob Hansen & Nancy Chapman

I find the company very efficient and prompt. Accommodating. They do their thing and I do mine. When I need information it is all there. All I need to do is ask.


I have great faith in Robert and his team. My husband and I have been clients for 22 years. As a CPA/CMA myself, I know enough about finance and investments to know that I want a full-time professional looking after my portfolio. I don’t have the time or the desire to research and track multiple funds and managers. Robert stays on top of that for me and explains the reasons behind his advice. Yvette, Kim and Betty are amazing and Robert is lucky to have them. Together they respond like a well-tuned instrument. We appreciate the service and classy events.

Diane & John Lyoness

I have no hesitation in recommending Robert and his team to anyone. As an older retiree with a modest portfolio, Robert and the team always treat me with the time, expertise and warmth as though I was their only client. They are extremely knowledgeable and are frequent with their communications regarding current financial and economic happenings in the country, continent and world.

Peter B.

Since we have become clients of Lewkowitz Financial, I have been so impressed with the team. They don’t treat you like a Client but rather they treat you like a friend… Robert has been fantastic to share his knowledge with my 18-year-old son who is eager to learn the markets and invest. For me personally, when Robert learned I was a runner and training for my 1st marathon, he even offered to be a running buddy as he is a marathoner. The receptiveness of the team is outstanding…It has truly been a wonderful refreshing experience to be part of the Lewkowitz Financial portfolio. I look forward to our continued relationship with Robert, Kim, Betty and Yvette.

Tammy & Anthony Fonseca

I had met Robert and his team through a family member and had yet to do any business with him....it wasn’t until the death of my mother that I finally sat down one on one with just him to discuss my options. He was kind and helpful, in a great time of loss and confusion. He explained everything in great detail and gave me time to ponder my options. The environment is warm and welcoming and the staff are friendly and outgoing. I thank Robert and his staff for making my tragedy a little more bearable and showing us deep compassion.

Angie Neville

Everyone at the office of Lewkowitz finance are amazing. I feel like they are a family and I am part of it. They are all so caring and not just interested in your personal investments but are also invested in good relationships with their clients. I’m so happy to be part of this team as Robert has helped us tremendously over the years.


I first met Robert almost 30 years ago. At the time I believed that only the wealthy would have a Financial Advisor. He persuaded me to attend one of his seminars and met with me personally to create a financial plan that fit my situation. In times of prosperity or when facing challenges, Robert always takes a personal approach to my financial planning. Working with Robert and his team leaves me feeling secure in my future and like a member of his family at Lewkowitz Financial. I admire Robert for his integrity and compassion and I will always consider him my friend.

Anna Lingeman

The whole team at Lewkowitz Financial always seem to work in my best interest. They make sure that the right amount of my investments, for the year, are moved (with my approval, of course) into TFSAs. When I withdraw monies from my investments, they take the money out of accounts that will suffer the least. Ironically and not to imply that anyone is clairvoyant at Lewkowitz Financial, but a week prior to the most recent correction, much of my investments were shifted to lower risk from moderate risk. They are always willing to listen to what I have to say and inform me well when shifting my portfolio. How lucky am I to have this wonderful team watch out for my investments. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

C. Heffner

I have been a client of Robert's for close to twenty years and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in search of a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor.

Tom Stokes

Dennis and I have been with Lewkowitz financial since Robert and Kim were the original employees. We have enjoyed being members of the Lewkowitz family and consider all of them friends. They are helpful and always answer any questions we have and show appreciation to all their clients.

Dennis & Carole Alton

I have been with Robert since before my retirement and he continues to manage my portfolio. I trust Robert’s judgement and feel very comfortable with how he manages and takes care of my investments.

Alda R.

Working with Robert and his team is a true partnership of financial planning. Robert takes the time to understand your needs and objectives to position the right path for your retirement future. It is always a pleasure dealing with the Lewkowitz team.

Debbie Baranowski

Lewkowitz financial is like having a trustworthy older brother/sister that looks out for you. From the first time I walked through their doors, I felt genuine welcome and warmth from all the staff. They work well together and it shows! I trust them completely with my financial freedom and growth.

Jean Bageire

First of all we feel like we are cared about as individuals… You always take time to get to know us and what is happening in our lives. We are greeted with a smile and a coffee or tea, it feels like coming to a friend's house for a chat when we come to the office. You are a man of integrity, spending your personal time and resources on humanitarian projects both in third world projects and the community, someone to be trusted with our financial future.

Don & Eileen

Firstly, Robert is not tied to a bank, or any other investment company that would have a bias to certain funds. I also appreciate that all funds are presented via graphs that show risk vs return to help us see risk, as much as it can be seen, before we commit to final recommendations. We also think it is important that our portfolio is reviewed even when we are busy living our lives, so that we can be advised when changes to our funds should be made. Secondly, Robert is with us for the long haul. And finally, it is nice to come to a place where the staff are such long-term employees. As business owners ourselves, we know the value of a loyal, hard-working staff. We would not hesitate to recommend Lewkowitz Financial to anyone looking for an investment advisor.

Johan & Laurie Gall

I have been duly impressed with the level of service provided by Lewkowitz Financial. Robert and his team are an elite group whose knowledge, availability and professionalism are so appreciated and second to none.

Dr. Matthew HebbLondon, ON

I chose to work with Robert after a thorough review of the financial advisory options in London. He is passionate about his line of work and will happily delve into his thoughts, research and recommendations to whatever level you are comfortable discussing them. He spent time to get to know me and my future needs in order to help me make decisions based on the nuances of my situation. The Lewkowitz staff are friendly, knowledgeable and very reachable and together they help you as a complete team. Also, if you get to know Robert, you will soon find out he is not only a business owner, but has a strong commitment to his local and personal community… You would be well served to spend some time with Robert to see if his services are a fit for your financial future.

Kate McDonaldLondon, ON

Trusting Robert with our finances allows us to plan for our future without having to worry about the day-to-day management of our assets. Robert is a great communicator and appreciates the importance of family and providing for their financial well-being. We have referred our own family to Robert and they too find the staff at Lewkowitz Financial to be knowledgeable and engaging. We will continue to invest our financial future to Robert and his team.

Collette McNally & Ron Dick

We are writing to let you know how pleased we are that we switched our investment portfolio back to Lewkowitz Financial. We had decided to switch to a company closer to home as we in live Hamilton. Within 1-1/2 years we were back with Robert and his team. Our experience with Lewkowitz Financial has raised the bar for the kind of service, knowledge and professionalism one should expect when dealing with an advisor. He makes it easier for us to understand our portfolio. He understands our financial circumstances and the goal we would like to obtain… Robert, Yvette, Kim and Betty are personally invested in the wellbeing of their clients and we strongly recommend Lewkowitz Financial to look after your financial needs. For us, it’s worth the drive to London.

Jeff & Antoinette

Robert and his team had been extremely helpful, since the moment that I looked for his professional services; at that time I was facing my retirement and I was a bit lost and confused as to how to proceed with it; then Robert and his team came up and from the very moment that I saw Robert and listened to him regarding how to proceed with my retirement I trusted him and his team. I found his professional attitude and genuine care for my future both personally and financially are of first rate.

Raul Elguetta

Very knowledgeable. Understand your financial situation when it comes to investments.

Jamil Youkhanna

I can endorse the sense of family whenever I’ve been to your office. Whenever I’ve sat in your office in front of your desk, I’ve always felt as though I was your main client because you seemed so knowledgeable about my account. Thank you again.

Roy Hind

We love you all – all of you are wonderful and have always taken great care of us - and our finances. You obviously care about the little people (and their small accounts). Brian and I thank you.

Carey & Brian

My wife and I first invested with Robert Lewkowitz almost 25 years ago. We met him at a seminar he was sponsoring and were impressed with his knowledge and sincerity. Eventually, we decided to move all our investments to Lewkowitz Financial. Robert and his team regularly update our portfolios and keep us informed of any major market activity. They are always available to answer any questions and offer assistance. Not only is Robert financially knowledgeable, his integrity and humanity are invaluable. Oh, and he’s a pretty good skier too!

Don & Karen Ferguson

We have been clients of Lewkowitz Financial for over 24 years and couldn’t imagine trusting our investments with anyone else. The entire Lewkowitz team consistently provides thoughtful guidance and unwavering support, ensuring peace of mind regarding our family’s financial future. We look forward to the next 20 years with Robert, Yvette, Kim and Betty!

Ed & Kim Van Haren

Robert and his team treat us like we are part their working family:

  • Always accommodating to our needs and schedule
  • The team very easy to work with
  • Robert is very family oriented, as seen by the many family events hosted by him and his team
  • Keeps the best interest of clients first
  • His team of friendly staff are always welcoming
  • Never tries to push us in a way we are not comfortable

Ryan & Jacquie

The Lewkowitz team is always helpful, informative, knowledgeable. All members of the team take their time to explain details and processes to ensure the right decision is made. With every visit my family and I gain more and more confidence that our money is in the right hands. All members of the team are always happy, friendly and trustworthy. I always enjoy seeing everyone’s smiling faces at the office.


Right from the beginning of our retirement planning meeting with Robert we felt that it was the right place to be. Robert was extremely knowledgeable and made sure we understood the investments he was arranging for us. When friends and family are discussing their retirement or investing needs we have mentioned our experience with Robert's office and his knowledgeable staff. We are not wealthy people, by any means, but we know we are treated the same as other clients who have much larger portfolios. And this is very important to us. We know the staff at Lewkowitz Financial have been with Robert for many years and that in itself speaks volumes regarding their relationship with each other and of course clients.

Bernd & Maxine Czupryna

I believe I’ve been with Robert since the early days. From day one, despite my meager investments, I felt important. Robert took time during appointments and I was never rushed. The staff are amazing and it feels like family when I walk in the door. Many years later, my husband is also with Lewkowitz and our appointments are now centered around retirement planning! We are thankful to have such a trusted and knowledgeable team to help us make the best choices. Lastly, Robert gives back. Not only to his clients through lectures and Christmas parties, but also to the international community with his charity work. This is meaningful and important to me as it speaks to his character and priorities as a business owner, but more importantly as a human being within the global community.


I've been with Robert for quite a long time. He was really just starting out and I wanted to plan for my retirement. …Robert has always done a fabulous job of keeping an eye on the markets and making sure I am well diversified. When I retired almost 5 years ago now, we sat down and decided how much I would need to live on. I must add, I took control away from the company and gave it all to Robert to invest on my behalf…Without exaggeration I would estimate I have 25% more than when I retired and…I really don't worry about the future at all… I would not hesitate to recommend Robert and I have to a number of friends that have also retired recently. He makes you feel down to earth and comfortable…It's certainly good to know that my wife and I and likely my kids will never have to worry about having enough to live on.

Al Caldwell

What a great opportunity to let Robert and his staff know how we hold all of you in high esteem. Robert: for doing his homework, with the fund companies and their managers, consistently and with genuine concern for his clients. For being knowledgeable about our portfolio and bringing to our attention opportunities which might interest us within our investing tolerance. I know he would say that's his job, but, he does it so well we have never lacked confidence in or questioned his ability to handle our portfolio right from our first meeting with him many years ago.

Yvette, Kim and Betty - They present one complementary team to clients. They all have their own area of expertise, of course, but, they provide a uniform level of customer service that, in our opinion, is non-existent anywhere else. I could give you specifics to support these comments but they would take a lot of room.

Peter Lockhart & Laurraine Pastorius

I have only been with Lewkowitz Financial for a short time and have found that they care for their clients and are very knowledgeable at what they do. I would recommend Robert and his staff to anyone who is looking for an investment partner. The care and attention I have received has been really appreciated and I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

John Wood

At Lewkowitz they explain your options and level of risk thoroughly on all products. Robert is a very confident and qualified investment adviser who makes you feel like a friend and is interested in you and your family as well as your financial future. It's very important to him that you understand the process of investing, not just offering you a fixed investment that could be offered to all clients. The more you make is more important than the amount he can make from you. I have referred friends from work to Lewkowitz Financial knowing the team will take care of them and have gotten appreciation from them the following year.

David FarrClient since 2011

Robert and the team have been very helpful in answering whatever questions I had. Also showing how you care about what is going on in my life.


Working with Robert and his team has been a pleasure. Robert and his team are patient, understanding, respectful and considerate. I am grateful for their support and advice.

Kelly-Lynn Chortos

Having dealt with Lewkowitz Financial for several years, it has always been a great experience. The entire staff have always been very friendly, courteous, and professional. I have always trusted their knowledge and have been very much appreciated by my family.

Randy Marshant

A world-class organization with very personable, dedicated and knowledgeable personnel.


Robert Lewkowitz and all at Lewkowitz Financial are very knowledgeable and professional. They always take the time to explain different investments and risk factors…Everyone is extremely friendly and efficient.

Marlene West