Masters Class


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Imagine hundreds of acres of swampland. There are birds diving into the water after fish, gators lurking lazily around the marshes, and it’s hot, humid, and hazy. Do you see the Happiest Place on Earth? One man did. His name? Walt Disney. He could picture in his mind’s eye what the future held for this so-called un-useable plot of land in central Florida. And it all started with a vision that came to him long ago. Do you ever feel completely lost when it comes to the future? You were brought into existence to accomplish. You’re here for a reason. You have an impact to make and unique gifts to share with the world, so don’t hold back. Don’t just make a little dent in the Universe. Make a huge crater! What’s your vision for your life? Can you close your eyes and see a different future? And what are you actively doing every day to move towards that vision? Vision is for all of us, not just corporations. To create a vision, you begin by identifying your core values, your passions, and what you believe to be your unique purpose.